wedding invites

A Guide to Wedding Invitations

When choosing your wedding invitations, you’re most likely going to be confused and quite a bit overwhelmed. What color invitation do you want? What material do you use? What should your invitation contain? These are only some of the pertinent questions involved in wedding invitation decision making. Read on to learn about the intricacies of wedding invitations.

Types of Wedding Invitations

The traditional wedding invitation has an outer envelope on which the guest’s address is written and within which you will find a single special paper with details of the wedding ceremony. However, wedding invitations are not limited to this type.

Some wedding invitations do not have an outer envelope at all. These wedding invitations are a single flap of folded special paper with the ends sealed together. A detachable postcard is available for the guest’s response. The address of the recipient is printed on the outside of the main part and the return address is printed on the outside of the detachable part.

Attachments and Inserts

Wedding invitations may contain more than the basic wedding ceremony information. Usually, a return envelope for the guest’s confirmation of attendance is included with the wedding invitation. The inner envelope is usually ready to mail back with the return address already printed and the stamps already attached. All the guest needs to do is fill in the respond card found inside the inner envelope.

Reception cards or little cards with the details of the wedding reception may be included with the wedding invitation. This is useful if your formal invitation doesn’t have enough space for reception details or if you intend to select only a number of your guests to invite to your wedding reception.

Your wedding invitations may also include a little map to help your guests find the church you’re going to be wed at as well as the venue for your wedding reception.

Special Touches

Your wedding invitations can be transformed into something even more special by adding a few unique touches here and there. For one, you can have a professional calligrapher address your wedding invitations and/or your envelopes by hand.

You can also add a customized adhesive seal on the outside flap of your envelope; an adhesive seal designed with your linked names may be a good idea. Finally, you can add special lining details to your inner envelopes to distinguish them from your outer envelopes and to give them more pizzazz.