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How to Shop for a Large Size Carat Diamond Ring

See it in person

This may go without saying, or perhaps it should, but I’ll say it anyway. This is important if you buy wholesale, as you will need to determine what it looks like before it is set. It may be different than you thought! Make sure you have the option to return the stone if it isn’t one you like. Seeing the ring is also important even if you buy from a jeweler. You will see it at the initial purchase, but you also need to look at it after it has been sized, cleaned, and examined.

You want to ensure that this is the exact purchase you want to make and that the way it looks is how you want it to look at the time she starts wearing it. Furthermore, you will have a memory, or picture, of what it looks like on the day you bought it, so if it gets damaged, you will know if it has been returned to original status or not when repaired.

Next, decide if a jeweler or wholesale is right for you, and try out several places. Then decide on the style of ring and make sure it is certified by the GIA.

GIA refers to the Gemological Institute of America. They set the standard for good quality diamonds. They have created the 4 C’s chart, which determines how good the cut, color, clarity and carat of a stone is. You can send your ring to them to get a read on the true value. They will send you back a certificate stating the facts about your diamond.

Visit several jewelers

If you have determined that wholesale is not for you and you would rather go the route of just purchasing from a store,
do your research. Check the integrity of the companies before visiting. Ask around about good jewelers, who people recommend, and look online to see what’s in the area. Once you have determined at least three places to look, begin your search. I say three because you may find something you like at one store, but at another the service and selection is better, or maybe another has great insurance.

Remember, you will come back to see your jeweler a couple times a year for cleanings, and so you are building a lasting business relationship with them. Make sure your jeweler is someone you can count on and trust. Look for lifetime insurance and good warranties.

Make sure the if you don’t see options you like, you ask if they can bring in a larger selection, or at least show you some options that could be ordered if necessary. Compare the different stores and determine the right fit and the right ring!

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What is wholesale and is it worth it?

All retailers get their gems from somewhere, and that somewhere is wholesale. Wholesale companies sell to jewelers, stores and businesses. They acquire loose diamonds and sell them to the stores and chains, who then get them to you. Buying wholesale might be a good option, but it depends on the quality of diamond that you want.

If you still want a really great one, you may not save any money at all, and then you still have to get it set. In my personal opinion, wholesale is better for average diamond purchases. This is where you will actually save some cash. Basically, if you are confident in your diamond assessing skills and you want to cut out the middle man, you may consider buying wholesale, if perfect quality doesn’t matter.

Let me pose the same questions back to you.

They ask you to put a deposit for them to bring in a stone for you to “see”. They will go online. Now, how is this any better from you buying online . The difference here is that you give up control and allow the jeweler to make the decision of “buying online” on your behalf.

When buying big engagement rings (above 2ct in size), you will run into serious problems with finding a diamond that fits your specifications and budget with traditional retailers. This is because bigger sized diamond rings tend to have very little demand from consumers and it costs the retailer a bomb to stock inventory.

Imagine a retail store buying and holding a 5 carat diamond ring in their inventory while waiting for someone to buy it. A single large diamond engagement ring like this will easily suck up hundreds of thousands of dollars in its business cash flow.

The truth is, most stores will not stock these diamonds because they don’t have the capital to do so nor would it make good business sense to hold inventory that will not move for a very long time.

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Should You Buy Solitaire or Multiple?

A 1.5, 2 carat or larger ring will be plenty impressive on its own. But maybe you like the style of multiple gems. A lot of this depends on the girl wearing the ring. She may prefer a simpler style and love the idea of solitaires. A stand-alone diamond is nice in many regards, in that you only have to focus on the quality of one gem, and it is elegant.

However, she may love sparkle and want a piece that has more small diamonds. There are settings that can make a diamond look larger than it is and this can help you save some money without getting a bigger carat diamond. You may divide up the size by getting a 1 carat large diamond and four 0.25 carat ones to surround it, or maybe you want to stay at a 2 carat large stone and add little gems without taking away from the focal point. It is up to you, but the more diamonds, the higher the cost. Consider this in your budget.

You can still purchase a large stone. It may not be of flawless quality, but it can still be beautiful. As a rule of thumb, plan on spending at least $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 for a good gem.

Now that you have a ballpark figure, how do you save for it? I would suggest in increments. Set a time frame for when you would like to purchase the ring. Say, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on your situation. Then divide the number of months by the amount to be saved.

You may end up saving anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per month for the ring, but it will be worth it in the end. And if you save for a while, it won’t seem like so much.

One thing to be cautioned against: do not go into debt just for a diamond! Even if it is of some significance, at the end of the day, a ring is just a ring, and what really matters it the commitment behind it.

Do not spend more than you can afford! But if you can stay within your price range and still get a good size, a 2 carat is a nice option.